At least someone has their priorities straight

8 Sep

[by Todd] A pause from the usual ranting, to pass along word of someone in the  industry who is blazing a trail few of us have enough conviction to follow.

Tanya Pinto, an account person I had the good fortune to work with at The Richards Group, has started a charity to help orphans in India. But this isn’t just a charity to raise money, it is a reflection of what a unique person Tanya is, and how special The Richards Group can be.

I worked with Tanya several years ago and she was always pleasant, smart and articulate, as you would hope an up and coming account person would be. Except for Tanya success at work apparently wasn’t cutting it. So she asked Stan Richards for a sabbatical to travel to India and work with orphans.

The Richards Group is unlike any other agency you’ll find. Not because it is so big and independently owned. But because all 400+ people working there are molded in Stan’s image. Nonetheless, I hazard to say that seldom, if ever, has Stan encountered someone like Tanya.

When she returned Tanya went back to work. Stan welcomed her home at an annual meeting, his voice choking up as he described her trip. Tanya in time, asked Stan for more.

As she explains on Baal Dan’s mission page, it all started with $50 a friend gave her to buy candy for the kids in an orphange. Instead Tanya, like any great account person, stretched that money into 300 pairs of underwear, 100 notebooks, 100 pencils, and two bags of candy. With that the charity took shape.

Now her colleagues at TRG are pitching in to help Tanya in a great many ways, a web site, a blog, an intern project, and I am sure with cash. I know this because someone wasted no time in contacting me, and I am sure lots of other alumni, to make sure we were involved.

So take a moment from reading about the latest viral campaign and check out Tanya’s work. Then do something that will really matter, and donate.

Thanks Tanya for reminding us what really matters.