Come on in, you’ll be glad you did

13 Sep

[by Todd]
Maybe I have an alumni thing going here, but it’s worth noting that many of my old colleagues at The Dallas Morning News are among the more than 100 reporters and editors taking buyouts this week.

We can debate for hours about the tragedy, and perhaps inevitability, of this once great paper cutting back to be a mere regional news source. Instead I’ll offer this wish to the people who are today embarking on new chapters — it’s a about time.

In the nine years since I left the paper, I have been constantly thrilled and amazed how much value people put on the skills that were discounted as mundane in daily journalism. Your options are vast and the opportunities amazing. Contact me if you have any doubt.

Good luck to all. I hope your next nine years are as thrilling as the past nine have been for me.

If you are curious whose bylines you’ll be missing in the coming weeks, and some of them are very well known, check out this site.

Update: According to the final body count was 111. I can’t help but think that people like Editor Bob Mong are tearing out what hair they had left, having to dismantle a once-great news operation.

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