What We Do

Whether you run an agency or a small business, ToddCop can help.


Stop being taken for a ride by vendors who play on your lack of knowledge about how to market online, via mobile phones and on emerging platforms like tablets. We’ll work with you to determine where digital channels should fit into your marketing. Even more importantly we’ll help you understand how your existing business practices to make digital work for you.

Advertising/Public Relations/Marketing Agencies

Make sure you’re delivering the full range of what your client needs. We’ll work with your account team and creative to craft a strategy that delivers against the creative brief and client objectives. Whether your team needs just a bit of help cracking the challenge, or your small shop needs a turn-key solutions, we’re here to make sure you are a hero to your client.

 What we deliver

Digital Strategy — Build a web site or launch a page on Facebook? What about email ? And what is it all this will do for you in the end? A digital strategy gives you the means to evaluate each opportunity and asses the success of your programs. Armed with a comprehensive digital strategy you’ll be well fortified the next time a vendor comes knocking with the best thing since sliced bread.

We start by considering who your customers really are. How do they use the web? Do they carry smart phones? Where does online content fit into their purchase path? From there we’ll overlay existing research. Then we start breaking down the pieces. Every element of your plan needs a specific role.

But let’s be clear, digital isn’t a one-size-fits-all channel. Nor is it one channel that trumps all others. Digital works best when all your marketing efforts are aligned, from the most expensive commercial down to the receipt or invoice you deliver.

Social media program development — Okay, all your friends say you should be using social media. But how? And to what end? We’ll work with you to develop a program that has specific measurable objectives. We’ll teach you how to manage the program with the resources you have, or if you prefer, put together the pieces to make it all turnkey.

Social universe monitoring and measurement — What are your customers saying about you? That’s easy enough to learn. But, what is it that matters to your customers, and how can you help? That’s the real opportunity that comes from putting your ear to the social universe. By creating a sustained listening program you’ll know the pulse of your customers, what they’re talking about, how much they really care, and what could threaten your business. If aren’t listening you’ll never know.

Original content creation — Sure, it’s easy to say that content rules. But what content, and how are you going to create it? Our background in daily journalism and more than a decade of creating compelling stories for the web can make it a turn-key solution. We’ll work with you to identify the stories that need to be told, produce the content and help you deploy it. It doesn’t get easier than that.