Glad you asked.

Try to wrap your head around this.

  • Businesses in America will spend $1.6 billion on social media marketing this year (Forrester).
  • Next year CMOs nationwide expect to increase their investment 50%.
  • Globally, 68% of CMOs say they are unprepared for social media’s impact on their business. (IBM)
  • Yet when asked what skills they’ll need to be successful in the next three to five years, only 25% identified social media. (IBM)

So we have an explosive new technology that executives know they have to use if their companies are to  succeed, but they readily admit they don’t understand. Is it any wonder that there are more than 3,600 titles listed on Amazon.com offering guidance for social media marketing?

It’s a free-for-all out there. Ask any ad agency and they’ll insist they’re experts. PR shops are racing to establish their creds. And let’s not forget the hundred, even thousands, of specialized shops claiming they have the secret sauce for social media.

But is this stuff really all that revolutionary? Sure, there are some metrics that new. And every day we get new jargon to drop into conversation. But all too often business executives and small business owners are getting the hard sell to part with their precious marketing dollars for a sophisticated new program.

We think it’s time to say “Now wait a minute. What does this mean? What I can expect to accomplish.”

That’s what we’ll talk about here. We’ll draw upon more than 20 years of experience in advertising, marketing and creating original content. Sometimes we’ll help focus attention on new trends and offer perspective on why they matter. Other times we’ll call BS on the claim of various self-proclaimed experts. And along the way we’ll shine a spotlight on those who did it right, and sometimes quite poorly. Disagree with something we’ve said? Great, weigh-in. A healthy debate is good for all.

See asking “Why should I care?” is really the first step in peeling back the curtain. That already puts you ahead of the crowd. And, if in the end, you think we can help your business in this “brave new world” then drop us a note, or call anytime.


Todd Copilevitz