The You Tube cable network

28 Jun

[by Todd] So NBC has broken ranks with its dinosaur brethren and struck a deal with You Tube to post its content on the burgeoning flea market of all things viral. (Here’s great background on the deal.)And somewhere in the back halls of the G.E. mother ship someone is kicking themselves for missing the boat. Again.

Think about it, You Tube should not exist. The spot they occupy should be owned by one of the major broadcast networks, or one of the entertainment companies, or one of the cable companies. The list is endless. But that didn’t happen for one reason, none of those companies were willing to wrap their heads around a business were the customers are also the suppliers. The logic is so antiquated, "we deliver, they consume."

Enter You Tube, iFilm, Google Video and who know how many others. And now NBC is going to try to make piece with the riff-raff. How long until local affiliates throw a fit because I don’t have to watch shows on their schedule? How long until advertisers decide they’d rather use pinpoint delivery of their ads on You Tube rather than the blunt edge of broadcast?

How long until traditional media businesses wake up and get that change is at their doorstep?