Why Social Media Is Like a Telephone

10 Apr

Around the globe, companies are struggling to get a handle on the explosion of the social Web and what social media means to their business or even where it fits into existing departments. The marketing potential led to early adoption by many advertising teams who were anxious to extend traditional campaigns and move beyond the limitations of banner ads.

Public relations and corporate communications teams have been equally quick to point out that the nature of social media demands more of an editorial touch. Practitioners must curate content and nurture influencers, connect and engage with users through compelling content. But all too often, these discussions have left out one of the most critical teams: customer service.

And that’s a mistake. If social media has done nothing else, it has handed the consumer a powerful platform for communicating with brands. Truth be told, consumers would likely have little tolerance for brands invading social media were it not for their new-found clout.

Download the full white paper I wrote for Cookerly PR on this topic here.