TILWO Day 1 — Fabulously Pretty in Pink

27 Jul

Here we go! The opening ceremonies may be Friday evening, but action at the 2012 Olympics got underway early with matches in the men’s and women’s soccer/football competition.

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Absolutely BBC
No more maybe?

Never mess with a man in pink armed with Olympic confidence. Just ask the Spanish soccer team.

Japanese goalkeeper Shuichi Gonda came up with massive saves over and over again Thursday as Japan shocked World Cup champions Spain 1-0 in early action. It was hard to miss Gonda, given that he was decked out in a bright pink goalie jersey.

via Fifa.com

So what gives with the neon jerseys that some of the goalies are wearing? Technically, goalies are obligated to wear jerseys that differentiate them from the regular players on the field and from the referees. Goalies – keepers if you want to be all British – seem to fall into two camps, dull or neon.

Those opting for dull colors apparently believe they can blend in with the background, making it hard for attacking players to get an easy read on where to shoot. At the other extreme there’s Mr. Gonda’s school of thought: that it’s all about distraction. Under this theory, just before shooting, the attacking player’s eyes will be drawn to the bright color, drawing the shot to the goalie.

I looked for some time and can’t find research to support either theory. So if you’re looking for a thesis topic…

Absolutely BBC

The image of the ladies from Absolutely Fabulous using the Olympic torch as a lighter for a quick smoke was all over Facebook on Thursday. It’s actually from this promo for the BBC show.

It’s a great gut check of just how much more relaxed the media are in Britain. Can you imagine the outcry if a US network made fun of the Olympic torch in 1996? And that’s not even considering how apoplectic they’d be over an actor smoking on broadcast TV.

Here’s what happened when the ladies got their hands on the real deal.

No More Maybe?

Ok, it’s clear that Call Me Maybe is the ad nauseam song of the summer. And ever since the Harvard baseball team vamped their take on the song, we’ve been inundated with dozens of people trying to put their touch on the song. Among the noteworthy were Cookie Monster, President Obama and of course Jimmy Fallon’s genius.

Well now the men’s and women’s Team USA swim team have their own video on YouTube. Thankfully their medal chances aren’t influenced by dancing skills or directing abilities.

Here’s a peek at what we’re watching today.

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