Damaging Your Brand, 1,000 Words At A Time

25 May

Comedy powerhouse The Onion recently offered that all potential presidential candidates for 2040 have been disqualified because of the pictures they posted on Facebook. Beneath the humor is the painful reality so many graduating college students are about to discover: what goes on Facebook reaches well beyond their friend feeds.

But these days, it’s not just chagrined college kids feeling the impact of ill-conceived photographs posted on social networks. Companies big and small are finding out just how fast a wayward image can damage their brand. And when you consider that 300 million pictures are uploaded to Facebook every day – not including the recently purchased Instagram – the potential for problems is almost limitless.

The truly unfortunate side of this is that so many of these incidents are preventable. Protecting your brand online in the era of social media doesn’t re-quire a whole new set of rules, just a common sense application of the rules already used in other areas of communications.

Check out the case studies that include Belvedere Vodka, Oreos and Heineken in the white paper I wrote for Cookerly PR on this topic here.