The Long, Brief History of YouTube

22 Jun

Famous last words:

“You aren’t going to turn passive consumers into active trollers on the Internet.” — Stephen Weiswasser, EVP ABC News/President ABC Multimedia.

It’s easy to forget that it wasn’t very long ago that none of this was possible. In fact, 15 years ago many of us were either in school or blissfully ignorant of the Internet.

So it’s all the more stunning to absorb what’s been accomplished in so little time. This presentation to the Library of Congress last year is comprehensive (nearly an hour long). But the first few minutes are eye-opening.

Oh yeah, the same guy who blew off the importance of the Internet after a presentation at ABC News, also said it would be the “CB radio of the 90s.” Today he’s a lawyer at a high-dollar firm in Washington where, according to their web site, “Stephen Weiswasser provides legal and strategic assistance to companies in the rapidly changing media, telecommunications and new media industries.”

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