Social Media Club – Dallas

26 Feb


[by Sunni]Speaking of the technology-induced media shift and the general lack of skills in emerging media channels, let me point out a new club that has been organized "for the purpose of sharing best practices,  establishing ethics and standards, and promoting media literacy" around this crazy new channel called "social media": The aptly-named Social Media Club. Founded by Chris Heuer in the summer of 2006, SMC now has events and meetings in dozens of cities, including — you guessed it — Dallas!

The second SMC Dallas meeting is tomorrow night at the Rapp Collins Worldwide offices in Las Colinas. Based on the experience of the first meeting, it will be a good time to sit around with other like-minded individuals and say really astute things like, "Is everyone except us stupid?" And, "Why doesn’t [insert corporate entity here] get it?"

In all seriousness, the only way the understanding of social media on a corporate level will match the growth of social media on a consumer level is through education. While I regularly try to educate the corporate masses by attempting to beat knowledge into their noggins with the subtlety of a jack hammer, I have a feeling a "lead by example" approach might be a tad more valid. So all of you social media addicts out there — please find an SMC meeting near you and attend. Share your knowledge, listen to others, then pass it on (via Flickr, YouTube, 43things, whatever).

For more information, check out Jake McKee’s and Giovanni Gallucci’s