Viral or vicious?

18 Jul

[by Todd] I’ll admit to a certain amount of cynicism as I view the world around me. And when I saw this billboard from New York posted on a bunch of sites today, my first thought was that this is a viral campaign of some sort. All too quickly people linked back to the supposed wife’s blog which she just miraculously started a few weeks before learning about the infidelities — started I might add at the urging of her "best friend" which turned out to be the other woman.

Then the viral radar started pinging hard when someone noted the same board was recently posted in L.A.

But here’s the problem I have filing this away under the cute, but feeble effort; the blog is so over the top with foul language it can’t possibly be funded by a marketing budget. If it is, then it’s going to have to be a brand that lives so far outside the mainstream that the campaign itself will be the only marketing they do.

Dunno, but I’m curious to see how it unfolds.